Saturday the 18th of January 2014, somewhere on Kongsfjorden

Sooo what happened today…

… about  50 L of seawater was filtered so far for different kind of stuff… such as DNA, RNA, POC/PON and Chla…and it will be over 100 L at the end of this day!

… Chlorophyll was measured in huuuuge low amounts (but something is there!)

… about 2000 Millions of krill (or more precisely a huge amount of krillgrøt)  was fished from the 100 Millions of zooplankton nets.

… Poo production of zooplankton was supposed to be measured…but there was no shit found in the experiment buckets.

…a lot of mud was taken out of the fjord, at a time of day where run-of-the-mill human beings are normally sleeping, but not many life forms were found in it.

… an epi-benthic sledge was deployed, and so far it didn´t break – huge success!

… one midwater trawl was taken and too much just small fish were caught…and krillgrøt! Going for the big ones later on…

… AND quote of the day by Daniel: ”For those who´re going to Ny Ålesund tomorrow and have dirty clothes…wash them on board, you can dry them on land. And for those who are dirty, shower on board before you go on land.”

Cheers from Helmer Hanssen,

Trine, Miriam, Kajetan & Mikolaj

Epibenthic sledge catch. Picture: Kajetan Deja

Epibenthic sledge catch. Picture: Kajetan Deja

Chlorophyll a measurements

Tove and Anna measuring Chlorophyll a. Picture: Miriam Marquardt

Svetlana and Sveta happy about all the small fish

Svetlana and Sveta happy about all the small fish. Picture: Miriam Marquardt

Fish group on sofa

Fish group passed out in the canteen area. Picture: Miriam Marquardt


Krillgrøt. Picture: Trine Callesen

Epibenthic sledge deployment

Epibenthic sledge deployment. Picture: Kajetan Deja


Krill. Picture: Trine Callesen


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