Lo mejor del Sol, el brillo de la Luna – The best thing about the Sun is moonshine

[Spanish below] I long believed that this sentence, from a Spanish song by Fito & Los Fitipaldis, did not make much sense. The best of the sun is its own brightness and wonderful warmth. After spending a month of January in the complete darkness of Svalbard – first on board… Continue reading

Time Lapse Camera

We are challenging the common perception that the polar night is void of life. First, we measured the photosynthetic capability of macro algae in the extreme light limited environment. Surprisingly we found that the dark-acclimated macro algae were capable of utilizing light that was put into the system in a… Continue reading

New hyper sensitve sensors reveals light in the dark

When the polar night appears black for most eyes and even sensors, new equipment is on board the UNIS course to measure the “unseen” light. Two new prototypes which just arrived before departure from the mainland, has now been deployed and tested for the first time. The results are surprisingly… Continue reading

Amazing underwater video by Robert Staven: Thick-billed Murre feeding in the Polar Night

There is no doubt that the creatures of the night are active also in the long Polar Night. Check out this amazing underwater video by Robert Staven, shot during the Marine Night campaign just outside the Marine Lab of Kings Bay.

The darkness and light of the arctic polar night

Greetings from Ny-Alesund in Svalbard! As this is written we are surrounded by a very special phenomenon. It occurs during the arctic wintertime and is called the polar night. In Svalbard the polar night last for approximately two and a half months each year. While people in other parts of… Continue reading

200,000$ (nearly) lost to the abyss, Iceland saves the day

  Our work in Ny-Ålesund has reached a new phase. A rather large amount of data is starting to pile up, and thus some time needs to be allocated to actually processing all the data we have. As there are a lot of Norwegians around, let’s take a moment to… Continue reading

Leptoclinus maculatus: constant interest and increased company of fans

Hei!   Let me introduce to you our company of Leptoclinus fans: Stig Falk-Petersen (Akvaplan-niva and University of Tromsø, Norway), Svetlana Murzina and Nina Nemova (Institute of biology, Karelian research Centre RAS, Petrozavodsk, Russia), Camilla Ottesen (University of Tromsø), Jorgen Berge (University of Tromsø and UNIS). What is it about… Continue reading

Bloggers of the world unite! Day 4 on Helmer Hanssen

18.01.2014 We’ve spent the last three days throwing a lot of equipment and gear into the water to detect whether or not marine life is active in the polar night. For the mooring team aboard Helmer Hanssen the first three days have been very busy recovering a mooring in Isfjorden… Continue reading

Saturday the 18th of January 2014, somewhere on Kongsfjorden

Sooo what happened today… … about  50 L of seawater was filtered so far for different kind of stuff… such as DNA, RNA, POC/PON and Chla…and it will be over 100 L at the end of this day! … Chlorophyll was measured in huuuuge low amounts (but something is there!)… Continue reading

Two stressed course leaders, two and a half planes, twenty students, no water and a sparkling darkness

Yesterday we left Longyearbyen with all our equipment, colleges and students. Months of planning and preparing have ended, and we are now in place in Ny-Ålesund where we will carry out the largest polar night expedition ever conducted (at least to our knowledge).  It took us two and a half… Continue reading