Pelagic trawling

We will also have more posts from the fish crew, but here are some photos of the fish crew and what kind of organisms they are finding up north.

-Erin Kunisch (PhD candidate, UiT)

The fish crew met onboard (before Ny Ålesund) to go through protocols.
One of the first pelagic hauls. Haddock, Sebastes (red fish), and Atlantic cod make up the larger fish you see here.
Marine showing Nestor, Paul, and Julia some of the noticeable differences between some of the fish in the trawl.
There are also a lot of tiny organisms caught in these trawls! These are Euphausiids (krill). They are small crustaceans that are important members of the Arctic food web, because they eat phytoplankton (very tiny ocean plants) and are eaten by bigger marine organisms like fish and whales.
Marine measuring and weighing the tiny organisms (a sample of the larger fish caught in the trawls are also measured and weighed).
Julia recording data.
Not the best place for this little fish to be!