Amazing time-lapse videos!

Malin Daase made two amazing time-lapse videos! The first one is of the fish crew sorting trawls. We hope you can gain a certain appreciation for identifying and sorting the different species we find in the pelagic trawls. There is something truly satisfying watching things get organized and tasks being achieved! Additionally in Kongsfjord, we caught a lot of Atlantic cod–which means we eat them (why waste good fish?) after a subsample of them are weighed and measured. You can watch how fast fish are filleted onboard–though to be fair to the student, you learn by doing!

The second video is an overview of the different nets that we used during the cruise (the MIK net and the MultiNet). We talked about these different nets and why we use them, but if you can’t remember, just take a look back at our previous posts.

Thanks to Malin for these videos, and we hope you like watching them as much as we do. Enjoy!

-Erin Kunisch (PhD candidate, UiT)