Packing for the cruise

After hours of careful packing and labelling (like Jørgen and Bodil show us in the picture), up and down action with the crane, and hand transport of sensitive equipment, the instruments and material for the Arctic ABC cruise are finally on board the research vessel Helmer Hanssen.

The crew and the scientific team meet tomorrow to sail after noon to Longyearbyen in Svalbard. Special thanks go to Evald Nordli who had our equipment organized (as you can note in the photo) for an efficient loading and the vessels crew for their sensitive touch with our much appreciated research devices!

people packing in preparation for a polar night cruise
Professors Bodil Bluhm and Jørgen Berge organizing and packing for the Arctic ABC cruise.
boxes packed and ready for the ship
Gear packed and ready to be loaded onto the R/V Helmer Hanssen.

-Pedro De La Torre (Engineer, NTNU)