Arctic ABC(D) had their project meeting in Tromsø 10-12 October 2016. As many as 26 of us participated in lively discussion and presentations at Sydspissen Hotel.  Representatives from the technology, biology, modelling and end-user forum groups provided all with updates on progress made. Overviews of the upcoming 2017 and later field campaigns laid the foundation for subsequent in-depth discussions of the many details to be considered for these field campaigns. These will include testing the prototype POPE buoys in Kongsfjorden in January 2017, conducting studies related to light and life cycle strategies in January on RV Helmer Hanssen, testing the POPE buoys for the first time in sea ice in van Mijenfjorden in March-April 2017, and preparing for the first tests in pack-ice in May-June north of Svalbard. Social evenings coloured by spectacular northern lights provided for a relaxed atmosphere for further discussion.



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