Screenshot: Atlantic cod decompositionThe time-lapse video that was made during the Marine Night campaign this last winter  was included also as a supplementary material in latest paper on activity of organisms during polar night. Until last week, this video lived a quite and rather anonymous life on YouTube, where just a little bit more than 2000 people had watched it. But that was until our paper was highlighted by the BBC New last week. Following this exposure, the video was posted on the BBC Science News Facebook, and within just a few days more than 3 million people had watched the wonders of the polar night. And the number is still growing (although, currently, not that rapidly), translated into Turkish, Russian and Arabic and placed in their YT channels, shared 8000+ times and got very interesting comments including the ones concerning politics, religion or even water on Mars... Probably one of the best  (it got also the greatest number of answers), was the question: “Why did the snake lie in the same position for 2 days ?” ...and maybe “But, is the fish ok?”  All this created so much noise that e-mails started to show up and Thomson-Reuters and want to use this video…

More of videos shot during fieldwork, also in comparison with summer can be found here. Have a look also on the website which Piotr is just about to finish:

More mentions of the paper and/or the video:


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