In the autumn of 2013 an unexpected guest appeared on Svalbard - it came into Isfjorden in august, and pleased many locals with it presence during a very short autumn visit. Already from the middle of September it seemed to have left. But by that time, its presence had already been noted by Svalbardposten and was about to be discussed both in Nordlys and Bladet Fiskaren. The discovery in Isfjorden represent the by far most northern observation ever - more than 5 degrees latitude north of its previous northernmost documented observation. Despite intensive search, it appears not to have been back since. Who are we talking about - the Atlantic mackerel!

The findings resulted in some buzz in the newspapers (Svalbardposten, Fiskeribladet Fiskaren, Nordlys, Nordlys again, Aftenposten) and just recently in a scientific publication in the journal "Arctic".


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