Arctos researchers were very well represented at the recent Arctic Change conference in Ottawa (Canada). In total, the conference gathers more than 1300 people, with Norway being the third largest delegation behind Germany and USA. Arctos were represented by one plenary keynote speaker in the opening session (Professor P Wassmann), and two scientific sessions. The conference was hosted by ArcticNet, a network of excellence with whom Arctos has very close ties. One of the scientific sessions were focused on the polar night and the research carried out within four Mare Incognitum projects; Circa, Marine Night, Cleopatra 2 and SpitsEco. A total of six talks were given in this session (PDFs of the talks below):
Ottawa Polar Night session


Kim S. Last: Werewolves in the dark - moonlight structures Arctic zooplankton communities in space and time during the polar night (PDF)
Finlo Cottier: Winter vertical migration across the Arctic: Seeking the pan-Arctic view (PDF)
John Cohen: There is light in the dark: Bioluminescence in the high Arctic polar night (PDF)
Jørgen Berge: In the dark: paradigms of Arctic ecosystems during polar night challenged by new understanding (PDF)
Maline Daase: How much for the night? - Energetic costs of overwintering for the Arctic copepod Calanus glacialis (PDF)

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