The Marine Night campaign is right now successfully running in Ny-Ålesund/Kongsfjorden. A cruise with Helmer Hanssen is already finished, and now the main focus is on the activities carried out from the marine lab in Ny-Ålesund. Terrabytes of data have been produced by the various instruments and wait to be analysed - and published. You can follow the activities of the Marine Night team and the UNIS AB334/834 course on our own blog here: and we also recommend the excellent blog by Amelia Travers, a participant of the course:

If you should wonder why there was a lack of new posts: There is no mobile phone coverage in Ny-Ålesund (and thus in Kongsfjorden), and because of all the surrounding mountains the satellite based ship Internet on Helmer Hanssen does not work either. During the cruise it was up to the cruise participants to write blogs (what they did), but due to the lack of Internet these posts could not be published before arrival in Ny-Ålesund. But now they are available!

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