The werewolf hunt of the CircA campaign started great. Everything worked out just fine – in our masterplan. Reality, as often, did not exactly follow our plan. An exhaustive list of the accumulated failures would be beyond the limits of this blog, but here is a little summary:

Our ship did not get it’s certificates in order, thus it was not allowed to leave the harbour and we had to organize a new ship on a 2 day’s notice. The company which shall not be named here which was to sell us a depth/height sensor did not manage to send it in 2 ½ months time, despite plenty of promises that they would do so. Even 2 days before departure, they still promised a delivery by plane on Sunday, which made us delay our departure by 8 hours. No need to mention that they messed it up. Finally at sea at 18h, the weather was not exactly on it’s best side. Some of us lost some food in the sea, others a WP3 codend. The VPR went on a strike after the first 2 minute deployment. The wire meter joined the strike, leaving us with no idea how deep the gear went. The deck was more slippery than the ice skating track of the upcoming Olympics. Disillusioned, we called the journey off and went back to the pier. After a good night sleep on solid ground we started a new try on day two, and this time everything was went as smooth as it could be. As we speak, we have approximately 15 GB of photos from the VPR (video plankton recorder), we have net samples and we have fun! And hopefully, among the 15giabytes of photos, we also have some pictures of the mysterious werewolves! You can find the preliminary cruise report from the first leg of the campaign here.

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