Upcoming special issue on Polar Night biology to be published in Polar Biology with guest editor Ole Jørgen Lønne. 

Following the last two polar night cruises to Svalbard (January 2012 and 2013) and as part of Marine Night, we are currently working on a special issue to be published in Polar Biology in 2014. Already, there are five papers published online and more are currently under revision. By early next year, we aim at having around ten titles ready for the special issue.
The papers published online so far cover a wide range of topics centred around polar night issues:
Webster et al on moonlit swimming of plankton and nekton (DOI link)
Morata et al on the importance of early food input on benthos (DOI link)
Morata and Søreide on the effect of light and food on the metabolism of Calanus glacialis (DOI link)
Båtnes et al on the light sensitivity of Calanus spp and its ability to detect ambient light from the sun, moon and aurora borealis (DOI link)
Brown et al on the importance of ice algae as food source (DOI link)

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