The scientific and engineering teams of the Arctic ABC and ABCD projects met in the city Trondheim, Norway from October 9 – 12th 2017 for their annual meeting. The program was divided in two blocks.

The first block focused on the state-of-the-art of the platforms for optical physical and environmental sensors, also referred to as POPEs, and the steps that will be taken during 2018. These are instruments to study the environment and ecosystem in the ice layer of the Arctic. The first deployment of these instruments as part of the ABCD happened in the Polar Stern cruise PS106 in May and June 2017. Furthermore, testing is ongoing on the acoustic pope to study fish and plankton and also on the environmental POPE that provides valuable information of light conditions and temperature in the water under the ice.

The second block focused on sharing the scientific results gathered during the field activities and lab work of 2016-17. Planning activities were fundamental and specialized sessions allowed scientists to converge their ideas into material that is of relevance to the world. 

In the picture from left to right Malin, Trevor, Laura Hobbs, Pierre Priou, Magnus, Max Geoffroy, Øystein Varpe, Morgan Bender, Geir Johnsen, Finlo Cottier, Jørgen Berge, Bodil Blum, Bernhard Schartmuller, Kathrin Stephen, Jon Cohen, Paul Renaud, Daniel Vogedes, Neil Banas, Minna-Liina Ojala, Erin Kunisch, Aksel Alstad and Pedro De La Torre

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