A recent study on blue mussels from various regions in the Arctic have unravelled a very surprising discovery - there are many migrants from the Mediterranean on Svalbard! We used to think that the blue mussels on Svalbard was simply a northern extension of the Atlantic species Mytilus edulis, but new research has demonstrated that a considerable part of the gene pool on Svalbard comes directly from the Mediterranean, more precisely the species Mytilus galloprovincialis. In a time when some countries are building walls to prevent immigration from the south, Svalbard is an example of a community that receives immigrants on a daily basis, and where the immigrants are settling down without any problems. Perhaps it is true what they say about the coming wall between USA and Mexico - it defines where the borderline to stupid is: Canada and Mexico! Read the paper here. News (in Norwegian) in Forskning.no and Svalbardposten.

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